About us

No longer overshadowed by the developments in the classical game sector, the market for mobile games and apps is growing rapidly.

Being successful in this challenging environment requires not only considerable experience in the area of classical game development, but also sound knowledge of server development, an understanding of game loops, free2play mechanics and social networks.

With many years of experience in both, game and web development, we offer a variety of services bringing these together.

Mobile Games
Companion Apps
Online Games
Web Development
PC Games
Console Games
Serious Games
Business Apps


Besides known technologies like HTML 5 or Unity we also use our self-developed multiplayer server solution, Gordon.


We have worked together with well-known clients over the last few years. Clients such as Crytek, Gameforge, Spil Games or Upjers to name but a few.
What we can do for you depends on whatever you need! From doing contract work to pitching our own ideas. If you want to take a closer look at our latest project SuperSnake.io, feel free to visit the it here.

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